YAI Certified

Aerial Yoga®
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100, 200 and 300 level Aerial Yoga Training.

Support and mentoring on an ongoing basis.
Discounts on selected Aerial Yoga products & workshops.
You will be advertised on the Aerial Yoga website as a certified teacher once all class assists and assessments are completed.
Receive ongoing support from Aerial Yoga.
Access to the teachers training forum in South Africa.
Access to the online portal, with videos of poses and sequences.

What you will receive:

A full colour Aerial Yoga Foundations manual
A set of prescribed class plans & series sequences
Final certification
Course Modules

About Aerial Yoga, the vision and the style of Yoga
The Practical Side – Each Pose is explained including the benefits.
Over 100 poses
Class Structuring & Sequences
Equipment and Set Up
2-3hr practical session on assisting students in poses

When: 16-18, 23-25 October 2020, Douglasdale, JHB

For further information, pricing and schedules, please get in touch.

Phone Number:
072 199 3133
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Agnessa Herkes

Alex Harris
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Alex Harris

Alyssa Slansky
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Alyssa is a licensed therapist in private practice, with a personal interest in mindfulness.

Alyssa has been integrating mindfulness into her work with children, adolescents and adults for many years. She has seen firsthand the way mindfulness helps her clients to decrease anxiety levels, improve their emotional regulation skills, and helps them focus their attention and cultivate kindness, both inward and outward.

Alyssa plans on using what she has learned in the Mindful Minis Advanced Training to begin forming mindfulness groups for children ages 5 and up. 

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Amanda Fischer