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200hr Yoga Chakra Yoga Teacher’s Training Courses

25hr Aerial Yoga Teacher’s Training

You are magnificent. You are the magic you long to feel. You just have to learn how to find stillness. hOHM Yoga School is an inspiring brand aimed at helping you tap into the layers deep within. So what are you waiting for? Love Yourself Now!

hOHM offers a holistic playground to embody health and Wellness. hOHM Yoga’s incredible Sanctuary was built to breathe creativity into the very essence of who you are.  Chakra Yoga is our background, and Aerial Yoga is our passion, we have A LOT to offer, as well as surfing lessons and a jungle stay over. Why go to Bali, when you can just come to the South Coast of SA?

Our offerings:

-Chakra Yoga Teacher’s Trainings are our flag ship offerings.

-Aerial Yoga Classes and TTC

-Private Yoga Therapy

-Chakra Energy Reading and Healings

-Physical, Mental & Spiritual Workshops

-Local Transformational Yoga Retreats

-International Yoga Holidays

-Aerial Yoga Hammock Sales (and whole sales)

-Shop yogi lifestyle goods

-Child Birth Education and a WOMBS Birth Doula

The perfect balance of body- mind - soul alignment.

Go Love Yourself! You have never experienced a place like hOHM Yoga Sanctuary. Lush jungle life will take you into an alternate reality and uplift your very being in the way of mind - body – soul. Our signature retreats are focused on inspiring you to be the absolute best you, and we have you covered in every single way. Connect with us on hello@hohm.yoga for your opportunity to join a Yoga Class, Aerial Yoga Class, Yoga


Yoga called, and I listened! It is my calling to guide other beautiful humans towards what it truly means to feel passionately alive today! I feel so blessed to be able to live in a prana- filled environment, away from the city, where I spend most of my time in the ocean, in the studio, or walking in nature with my kids and my 3 dogs. My husband owns Mantis and Moon backpacker’s lodge, where he built the most gorgeous 8-sided-oxygen-molecule-shaped-glass-walled studio in the jungle in 2013. What a blessing to be able to invite yogi’s & students to my little piece of paradise over these years! Aiming to encompass all 8 limbs , from a chakra perspective, yoga has helped me with many, many aspect of personal healing. I learnt to really listen to my body, and that enabled me to  heal injuries through meditation, as well as experience 2 incredible home water births of my children, now 6 and 8years old. After my first birthing experience, I knew I needed to expand my offering to help  women experience joyful, peaceful births through guided meditations, relaxations, preggy yoga and proper guidance. Thus, I am now a  registered Doula & Pre-natal birthing practitioner, another passion of mine. To me, yoga is more than just postures, it is a transformational experience that saved my life on many levels. I have been exposed to many styles and types of yoga from my shala and all around the country and world, from Germany, to Spain, to Cape Town, which has helped to strengthen my love for the practice.  I believe that the more people that practice yoga, the higher the collective consciousness in crazy world. My passions are Chakra Yoga, which includes Meditation, Mantra on my harmonium, and also Aerial Hammock Yoga, Red Tent Circles.

The highlight of sharing, is the 200hr yoga teachers trainings that I have been hosting for the last 4 years. To watch people grow from students to teachers before my eyes is so special! I aim to expand that offering into a yearly online yoga training program, which I have been reluctant to do, but since becoming an online student myself, I have realized the benefits of both options. The year long course plans to be 300hr training, covering all 8 limbs, chakras, endocrine systems, glands, physiology, anatomy and so on. My courses are balanced, and contain a lot of information, so the student becomes a well- educated and practiced yoga teacher.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Love, light and all things bright,

Simmi xx

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