Nina Saacks

Nina Saacks
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My yoga journey started while studying a business science degree at UCT in 2001 when I attended integral hatha yoga classes with my parents at a small nearby yoga studio. I immediately fell in love with the practices on a physical, mental and emotional level and completed my teacher training in 2003 to further my interest and knowledge in the art. I had no intention of teaching, I was planning on going into the corporate world. Yoga had other plans for me and I’ve been teaching and traveling full time since 2004. My yoga journey and teaching has transitioned through many different phases but my true passion is gentle, slow, restorative and healing yoga. I seem to attract students who struggle with stress, anxiety, burn out, back problems and low self-esteem, all conditions I have journeyed through as well.

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(060) 810-0324
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Cape Town, South Africa