Roshni Gajjar

Roshni Gajjar
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Resilience Flow Yoga Coaching

Yoga for Flow, Resilience and Sports
Clarity, Mindfulness and Purpose-alignment

Ideally suited to those looking to incorporate yoga into their routine to sustain flow state and feel vibrant to support performance consistency, including:

- Decision-makers, professionals and high achievers
- Recreational/amateur athletes
- Those looking to bounce back to positivity so that they can go for set those challenging goals with confidence.

Resilience Flow offers:
• Yoga and mindfulness practices to support your mind-body goals.
• Online, private sessions for executives, goal-getter professionals or tailored sessions for shared-goal teams.
• On request workshops for corporate groups, sports teams and team-building.
• Pay-per-month or goal-specific package.
• Limited clients for maximum benefit.

Let's Flow and stay vibrantly inspired.

About Roshni (Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Coach)
Roshni's unique approach offers an integration of purpose, mindset and goal flow. This is the flow that has shaped and steered her career as a corporate executive, consultant and coach. Roshni believes that to perform well, one must feel well, physically, mentally and energetically.
Her purpose is to help people become the best versions of themselves, through self-confidence that is rooted in a resilient mindset. Classes are tailored to unlock specific areas of challenge so that clients can bounce back from setbacks and better manage uncertainty to strive for one's true purpose. The yoga and mindfulness sessions can be supported with coaching sessions, where clients choose. An active and agile A-type personality is prone to phases of doubt, burn-out and low motivation. It is at this point that the Resilience Flow helps to push past those limiting beliefs and rise above any challenge, with energised Purpose.

Location: Online | In-house workshops

Phone Number
+27 21 813 9901 (or Leave a Message)