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Sacred Spiral Yoga
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Welcome to Sacred Spiral Yoga
Paul facilitates Yoga on a multi faceted level. Classes focus on Asana and Pranic Breathing and usually include Meditation and Sacred Sound.

Sacred Spiral Meditation is based in the Yogic technique of Samyama (Concentration - Dharana, Meditation - Dyhana, Absorption - Samhadi) to gain spiritual knowledge and bring one's life into a more harmonious alignment with one's soul and spirit.

​The practice is available and suitable for all levels of abilities and age groups.

Sacred Spiral Asana is based in classical Yoga Postures and Sequences. Alignment and development of body awareness is key. Watch demonstrations by Paul Carlos of a beginner level sequence below.

From over 30 years of training in Tai Ji, Qi Gong and Yoga, Paul has developed a breathing system - 'Pranic Breathing' incorporating these disciplines with traditional Yogic Pranayama.

​Deep Relaxation, Meditation and Contemplation is the main core practice of Sacred Spiral Yoga supported by Asana and Pranayama.