Tiisetso Skosana

Tiisetso Skosana
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Tiisetso is a qualified Mindfulness and Yoga teacher for children. She is also currently completing her 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training.

She is currently teaching 3-6 year old children at a school in Johannesburg. She intends to expand her reach into more schools in Johannesburg.  

Tiisetso believes that self-connection is the greatest tool to realising one's potential. By equipping children with the tools to support their self-connection we create opportunities for them to show up as their full and best selves in the world, and in turn create a better world for us all. 

When she is not connecting with children through teaching, she is self employed as a Copywriter and Fundraising Consultant.  

Fun, play, freedom and integrity are some of Tiisetso's values. 

Contact: email: hello@weareumi.co.za