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I am Bianca Volans and I am passionate about people and their well-Being. I love listening to people's journeys and life stories. I love a good laugh, I feel humour is a wonderful place to connect with others! I am a mother of two beautiful children, who are my greatest teachers! With over 13 years of yoga teaching experience, in various studios, private yoga classes and corporate spaces, my passion for this sacred practice continues to grow.
My journey in teaching teachers in yoga teacher trainings over the last 7 years, with over 700 hours of trainings, has taught me so much more about myself, the human condition and the path and practice of growth both on and off the mat.

I have other gifts to share with you-  through my own experience and practice of Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Massage and Energy Healing, all beautiful opportunities to connect with you, inspiring you and reminding you of your true connection to yourself and love. I believe we are all the powerful CREATORS of our own life experience. I seek to remind you of your innate true essence and exquisite potential within you to create a life of harmony, balance, and beauty. I am in service of this remembering and love.

Nature inspires me, fills me up with healing energy and restores balance and harmony within in me from beautiful sunsets, beach walks, forest meanders to being amongst precious animals!  I love to connect one on one or in groups, with heart people and enjoy deep and meaningful dialogue and conversations, where we can also laugh at ourselves and life! Travelling to new places be it local or abroad, always excites me. And when I am home, my home is my sanctuary, I love just
BEING at home, taking in the pause, cooking a beautiful meal, basking in sacred space or a good kitchen dance thrown in for good measure! 

I look forward to our heart connection together soon, through the joy of Yoga, the soul touch of massage, the light of Energy Healing or just an inspiring conversation over Tarot, Essential Oils or the beauty of living this interesting, beautiful life Earth side. 

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