Benefits of certification

• Be recognised nationally and internationally as a professional yoga teacher who has met with high quality standards.
• Reassure your employers and students that they are receiving instruction from a well-qualified yoga teacher who meets our high training standards.
• You are able to use YAI certified after your name, the YAI logo in promotions and on your website to optimize your credibility as a professional Yoga teacher.

• You will have contact with a global network of teachers and schools of yoga.

• Discounts on all activities and events organized by Yoga Alliance International South Africa.

Yoga Alliance International (YAI) is a network of dedicated, like-minded people and institutions devoted to the cause of authentic Yoga. Get the latest information about Authentic Yoga Teachers in Europe and other parts of the world. Gain insights into Yoga and find out where you can learn authentic Yoga to apply Yogic techniques to the complex problems faced by modern man. Connect with Yoga Teachers from across traditions.

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