How to get certified

Teachers who meet our standards are eligible to register as a certified Yoga Teacher and receive different levels of designation based on the amount of training and experience they have in teaching.
Registered Teachers are authorized to use the initials “CYT” (Certified Yoga Teacher) after their name.
Registered teachers can use our logos on their resumes, posters and on their websites, for promotions and thus facilitate their projects and businesses.
You can check if your yoga school is registered by searching our directory.

There are two ways to obtain the certification:

1 Attend one of our certified training courses for Teacher Certification at the 200, 300 or 500 level. For more information on Certified Courses in South Africa please visit

2. Experienced Teacher Certification without formal qualifications YAI (REAP). If you meet the international requirements and want to certify individually please click on: “Standards and Forms”.

COMPLETE APPLICATION FORM: Individual Yoga Teacher (200 level)

COMPLETE APPLICATION FORM: Individual Yoga Teacher (300 level)

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