YAI Registration Categories and full schedule of fees

(Allowing for shorter courses and ongoing credits for currently registered teachers)

There are four categories for YAI registration

  1. New applicants (individual teachers only) Click here to apply
  2. Current YAI members (individual teachers only)
  3. New school applications (schools /studios only) Click here to apply
  4. New course applications (individual teachers or schools may apply) Click here to apply
Levels/ Hours Description No of workshops / hours Cost in Euros (all once off)

1. 100 level

2. 200 level

3. 300 level

For individual Candidates who complete a TTC from a YAI-certified school

Such candidates are automatically eligible for YAI certification. They can obtain these Certificates from their schools on payment of a nominal fee to their school.

For Established Teachers Certification without formal Qualifications (Special Consideration)

If you have substantial Yoga teaching experience (at least 10 years) and Yoga studies, with an essential strong knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, a firm grasp of the philosophy that underpins your practice and your teaching and wish to obtain YAI Certification, please contact us as we look at your case under Special

Consideration category. Please note that the process for this type of application is long, complex and not always successful as we have very strict rules in place in order to maintain high standard of safety and quality teaching for all Yoga students and Yoga enthusiasts from around the world.

For prerequisites and more in depth information, please read/download the application form for YAI™ Certification for Individuals and Special Consideration Category here.

As per website criteria

100 level: 200 Euros (YAI accredited schools ONLY)

200 level: 200 Euros (YAI accredited schools)

300 level: 200 Euros (YAI accredited schools)

  1. 500 level


  1. 800 level

Techniques (225 hours) 120 contact 

Teaching Methodology (40 hours) 25 contact hours

Anatomy and Physiology (50 hours) 30 contact hours

Psychology and Spirituality (50 hours) 20 contact hours with Experienced Teachers 

Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle (75 hours) 25 contact hours Study of Yoga 

Practicum (60 hours) 30 contact hours 

Electives hours: 160

Total hours 500- Contact Hours 270 min

As per main YAI website criteria

500 level: 250 Euros

(For YAI accredited schools)


800 level: 250 Euro

(For YAI accredited schools)

Courses Description No of workshops and / or contact hours

Cost in Euros

(all once off fees)

1. YAI Registered Teachers:.

Continuing Education: Accumulated credits (100 level)

Official proof required for each workshop attended.

Along with the number of hours and a brief outline of what the workshop covered.

Details of the teachers / studio providing the workshop must also be given (name and contact details)

15 – 20 workshops related to the study of yoga must be completed and signed for

(approx 50 – 75 contact hours)

100 Euros

(YAI accredited Schools / Teachers)

2. YAI Registered Teachers:

Continuing Education: Accumulated credits (200 level)

Official proof required for each workshop attended (e.g. letter of attendance, signed register, etc).

Along with the number of hours and an outline of what the workshop covered.

Accumulated hours can be used by registered YAI teachers towards applying for a 300, 500 or 800 level certificate.

For example: If you currently have a YAI 100 level certificate and you have accumulated more than 100 workshop or course hours you can apply for a 300 level certificate.

20 – 30 (approx. 75 – 100 contact hours)

All teachers must already be registered for a minimum of a 100 level teacher training certificate.

Workshops do NOT qualify as teacher training courses!

200 Euros (YAI accredited)
Courses Description No of hours / level Cost in Euros (all once off)
1. Yoga Schools (offering TTC courses) As per main YAI website criteria As per main YAI website criteria 1000 Euros
2. Schools not offering TTC courses This is an option for smaller schools / studios that run regular weekly classes, but do not offer teacher training programmes or short courses’ No level designation is specified, the certificate simply states that you are a YAI accredited school 450 Euros
Category no 4:

Register a single course related to Yoga: teaching skills / Anatomy / Meditation, Chakras, Diet and lifestyle / Ayurveda, etc (non-TTC)

This category would be for shorter courses (4 to 8 weeks) offered by qualified teachers.

E.g An in-depth Chakra course, Anatomy training

Formal assessment must be done, either practical, theoretical (test, quiz, assignment, etc) or both.

Please note: The appropriate level would be designated at the discretion of the Director handling the application and subject to approval by Swamiji.

– 50 level (minimum of 15 contact hours)

– 100 level (minimum of 30 contact hours)

– 200 level (minimum of 80 contact hours)

– 300 level (minimum of 95 contact hours)

350 Euros

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