Lucy Ferrao

Lucy Ferrao
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Lucy Ferrao
Yoga Therapist @ Shakti Yoga Centre in Fourways

PhysiYoga is a union of Health and Happiness. Physio being the physical treatment of someone's body systems: 1. Skeletal 2. Muscular 3. Nervous 4. Fascial 5. Organ This in combination with yoga used as a rehabilitation technique allows healing to extend into the mind. Yoga coming from the Sanskrit word meaning union, PhysiYoga is a union of a healthy mind and a healthy body leading to Health and Happiness. PhysiYoga Practice Details: Medical Aid Rates - contracted In Home visits done - within 5 km radius of the practice 25+ years of Experience and Part of:

1) SASP - South African Society of Physiotherapy

2) SASMA - South African Sports Medicine Association

3) HPCSA - Health Professions Council of South Africa.

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